Saturday, 15 March 2014

Story-scapes at Lourdes Boys N.S

It was wonderful to meet the younger classes (junior, senior, first and second classes) at Lourdes Boys N.S, Mooncoin yesterday. 

 It's a very powerful thing for a child to choose to stand up in front of the whole class and tell a story. Sometimes the stories are recited, something they've seen or heard and that they're just dying to tell others about, sometimes it's something they've read or written or sometimes they just want to get a topic off heir chest. It's always amazing to see how they react once they have everyone's attention. Some children relish the opportunity and go for it, whilst others flounder when they get there, they always stand their ground (nobody has turned away) but everyone reacts differently. 

Last week at Ashbourne library a child told us about Cinderella in her word perfect english. Inspired by this, a boy in very broken english told us about Humpty Dumpty, he was corrected and interrupted by his classmates but at the end we could all see the sense of achievement on his face. Some of the stories are funny, thought provoking or non sensical but whatever they are, it gives a child ownership and the right to be heard by other people and we LOVE that. 

Here's to more inspiring opportunities to share stories xx

Making story-scapes together

Creating 4m long story-scapes

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