Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Call for nominations for new laureate

Here's a chance for children to be part of a prestigious selection process. Help them have their say:

Ireland To Nominate its Third Laureate na nÓg
Honouring Irish Children’s Literature

The nomination process for Ireland’s next children’s laureate is now open.Laureate na nÓg, an iniatiative of The Arts Council, is an honorary title conferred on an established and dynamic children’s author or illustrator for a period of two years. The next Laureate will be following in the footsteps of the inaugural Laureate na nÓg, Siobhán Parkinson, and the incumbent, Niamh Sharkey.

Sarah Bannan, the Arts Council’s Head of Literature, says, ‘Laureate na nÓg is Ireland’s highest honour for a writer or illustrator of children’s books and was established by the Arts Council in order to celebrate the extraordinary talents of our writers and illustrators. Through this appointment and the Arts Council’s wider strategy for children’s literature, we are working to broaden and enrich young people’s imaginative worlds and to highlight the importance of Irish children’s literature, writers and illustrators in our society.’

It is fitting that Ireland, as a country world-renowned for its literature, was one of the first to establish such an honour in the field of children’s literature. Irish children’s literature and illustration is recognised worldwide, and there is a huge appetite for children’s and young adult books at home. Indigenous Irish literature serves a crucial function, telling Irish stories, past and present, in English and in Irish, to young readers.

The past and current Laureates have acted as ambassadors in countries including the US, Sweden, Austria and Italy. For example Pictiúr, an exhibition of Irish children’s illustration, has been seen by 25,000 people in 4 countries. And at home Ireland’s Laureates have campaigned for libraries and to secure access to books for all babies born in Ireland, amongst many other activities. 

Elaina O’Neill, Director of Children’s Books Ireland, says, ‘Ireland’s first two Laureates have been real champions for children’s literature and illustration, for reading and drawing, and for the importance of books in every child’s life. Laureate na nÓg is a most prestigious position which acknowledges the phenomenal talent of our native authors and illustrators and which we are so proud to administer on behalf of the Arts Council.’

And now it’s time for Ireland to choose its third Laureate na nÓg. For the first time, people of all ages have the opportunity to help decide which Irish author or illustrator they would like to see so honoured. Nomination forms are available on the link below. Nominations should be submitted by February 15th2014.

Current Laureate na nÓg Niamh Sharkey hopes as many people as possible will nominate their choice of Laureate. ‘This is the first year that we’re asking children to get involved as nominators so I hope that parents, teachers and librarians all around the country will encourage young people to get nominating,’ she said.
Laureate na nÓg is an initiative of The Arts Council, with the support of The Department of  Children and Youth Affairs, Children’s Books Ireland, Poetry Ireland and The Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 
You can nominate your choice for Laureate na nÓg by filling out a nomination form, which can be downloaded here: New nomination form 2014-16
Get voting!

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