Tuesday, 26 November 2013

World Book Day 2013

Dubray Books, Galway

I had an absolute ball at Dubray Books, shop street, Galway yesterday. Mary Esther Judy is one of those amazingly passionate people,who makes one feel excited about all the possibilites waiting to be discovered. She reads everything, is totally up to date with the latest offerings and has a breadth of knowledge which is astounding and generous. We love and appreciate her.

Mercy Primary School

What a super bunch of ladies. We had alot of fun and we still managed to make some superhero I.D badges, even though we had a small bit of space on the book shop floor. Lovely questions including,"What inspires you?" answer "Children because they have the best imaginations, are alot of fun and believe in magic!"
"I don't believe in magic!" replied one girl... oh and unpredictable. Thanks for a lovely outing Dubray Books and only 20 mins down the road. Couldn't be better!

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