Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Presentation Primary School, Terenure

What a fantasic day and what a wonderful school!

There are great things happening at Presentation Primary School and not just Book Week, which is in full swing (Larry O'Loughlan? was visiting the school at the same time as us yesterday.)

There's vibrant child centred artwork, which isn't purely about display but about expression and enjoyment of the materials, bursting out of every wall you look at. Whenever I see that, no matter what the condition the rest of the school's in, it's clearly evident that there are dedicated teachers, nurturing the pupils creativity. As a result, the school's vibrant and the pupils are very happy. There's over 600 girls attending PPS, so it's a tall order.

Mad Cap's blog

Chop Chop Mad Cap had already been introduced to most of the children, so they had a good notion of the tone of it and already knew some of the characters. Most of them are illustrated in the book but Scrum (a v.fat cat) and Gloria (a neon- tights wearing teenager) are not, so there was great scope to read/hear the descriptions and create their own versions.

As always, we had great craic with the children, who always ask very funny questions and we learn't a good bit about them and each other too!

- Juliette performed a v.brief tap dancing demo (might have to be encouraged another time!)
- Five girls from one class each have a french mother. What are the odds?
- It's astounding just how intelligent seven yr.olds can be. Did you know the word validate and it's meaning at the same age? I'm sure i didn't.

All in all a great day. To enhance it further the sun shone ( we've forgotten what it looks like here in Galway.) We had an excellent lunch at the café opposite and we have buzzing synapses. Not bad for a day's work. It was well worth getting on that dawn train in the dark.

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