Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dublin Book Festival 2012

Central library Dublin - Nov 17th

Juliette and I had the pleasure of meeting 28 fantastc girls and their two teachers from Geoge's Hill, Presentation School, Dublin yesterday morning. Vivid imaginations were let loose and we were treated to the delightful creations: 'Kettle Head', 'Black Cat Crazy Hair' and 'Captain Poop!' We've been so lucky to date with very well behaved and entertaining children at every single event and yesterday was no exception.

Siobhan Parkinson (our publisher) and wearer of so many hats, graced us with her presence, which added an extra dimension to our workshop and gave the children another insight into the 'World of Books.' All in all a super morning and as always, so glad I went along ( especially for all those hugs!)

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