Monday, 25 November 2013

Chop Chop Mad Cap - by Juliette Saumande

Juliettesaumande has written and translated over thirty books in France, is the  reviews editor for Inis (CBI magazine) and all round marvellous person. Chop Chop Mad Cap (a super hero story aimed at 5-7yr. olds) is her first novel in english and I've had the pleasure of illustrating it. Published by #littleIsland  it's opened many doors (some squeaky) and taken us to some very exciting places including the Dublin Book Festival, the Irish Cultural Institute in Paris and to  schools/libraries/bookshops all over the country.

just a few of Juliette's books:

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In order to promote Chop Chop, we devised a 'Super-hero' DIY workshop which we continue to deliver. Here's to more Mad Cap adventures. Below our first ever stint at the Riverbank Arts Centre

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